Is it possible to overcome any disease and how the body heals itself

Are you suffering from a disease and you don’t know why?

The answer lies in the state of your energy field, if it is open or locked.

Zarif claims that too much stress, (internal /external) causes your subconscious to lock your energy field. A locked energy field doesn’t have the ability to heal the body. What it does know how to do is to create all the diseases known to mankind.

One person will develop a tumor the other MS, a third person will develop Parkinson’s, but It all stems from the same reason- a locked energy field. Once your energy field is reopened and flowing freely, your body will regain its ability to create a healing process concerning the symptoms that you are suffering from.

Opening the energy field of a person is a universal process irrelevant of the symptoms. That is the novelty of the bosmat fluid treatment. Within 80 minutes, in your home you too can reopen your blocked energy field and regain your health.

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